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PPKS Baking & Cooking Academy was founded on 30th March 1999 was founded by PPKS. At the initial stage, he has taken a number of teaching staff by offering a Cuisine Course, Pastry-making Course and Bread-making Course. In year 2009, 

PPKS has successfully completed the Skills Training and Management Administration course, therefore he is fully responsible of the academy’s course progress. In the eyes of the employees, PPKS is a member of guidance that leads them towards the practice of “Life Long Learning System” to achieving development in a more competitive nation.

PPKS Baking & Cooking Academy is under the Department of Skills Development (Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran Sabah). Our aim and purposes:

• To provide skills training to local youth, single mothers, workers and industrial workers. This is to
train them to be independent, help them progress better at work or assist them in starting
their own business.
• The academy has also been granted approval as Centre Approval Certificate by
City of Sunderland College Programmes.

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web design Classes


PHP Classes


Java Classes


Project Classes

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Learn courses online

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See our best skills

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Best industry experts

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